New Android and web release of Newton Adventure

I have released a PlayN implementation of Newton Adventure . This API allows to create desktop, android, ios et html5 applications from a single java code base.

Newton Adventure is now playable using a web browser and an Android device

I cannot create an iPhone application, because a Mac computer is required...

Create your own platform game using Newton Adventure

Newton Adventure is not a game engine, but his code is opensource and not hard to understand. It is therefore quite easy to create his own levels/mods/games using it.

The first step to create a Newton Adventure derivative is to get the sources and compile the game and the level editor. This procedure is documented here.

Newton Adventure on Steam Greenlight

In order to reach a larger public, I put Newton Adventure on Greenlight with the help of Stuffomatic.

Greenlight is a section of the popular distribution platform Steam. Player can vote for games they want to be accepted by Steam.

The Steam version will regroup the free base game, the paying mods et integration of some Steam features (achievements for example).

Newton Adventure Mod Pack 1 released!

After a year of development, the first Newton Adventure extension is out with two mods featuring new levels, traps and puzzle: Deluxe et Retro.

New content...


The Deluxe mod is a set of thrre new quests of six levels each: Bridge, Lab et Prison.

In Bridge, Newton try to cross a metallic bridge with teleporters and way blocked by wooden crates. The only way to pass through is to make them burn using rolling bombs or deflect fireballs.

Newton Adventure 1.11

I released a new version of Newton Adventure, a 2D free/libre platformer for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.

The game goal is to go through level running, jumping and rotating the gravity. To go to next level, you need to find a key and bring it to the exit door, pushing or using gravity, without get killed by enemis or traps

duchatelet, a non sexist mod for Newton Adventure

Gabbro, a nice contributor, send me a mod to play with a female character in Newton Adventure.

This character is inspired by Emilie Du Châtelet, french translator of Newton's Principia Mathematica.


Scoreserver and ajax

I added a small improvement to my score application server: scoreserver.

It was already able to:

  • handle game and level setup using a backend web interface.
  • receive and update highscore tables with a http request.
  • show the best scores by game and level or by player

His web interface is not very pretty, so I added the possibility to integrate the highscore tables in other web pages using a single ajax request (for sample withjQuery):

Turbulenz, a HTML5 game engine, is now free software

Turbulenz is a HTML5 game engine. It deals with 2D, 3D, network, physics, audio, animation, scenegraph, realtime multiplayer, social, achievements and leaderboards. Because of Javascript web technology, a very powerfull computer is required to launch the games.

It was recently open sourced under MIT license.

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