Newton Adventure 1.11

I released a new version of Newton Adventure, a 2D free/libre platformer for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.

The game goal is to go through level running, jumping and rotating the gravity. To go to next level, you need to find a key and bring it to the exit door, pushing or using gravity, without get killed by enemis or traps

New features

  • options menu redesign with new theme ;
  • use of my gamepad database for autoconfiguration: gamepad_db ;
  • score sharing on scoreserver are now inactive by default (better for privacy) ;
  • use of lwjgl 2.9.0 ;
  • optimisations to make it run on common netbooks (atom with intel GPU).


Special effort has been made for debian packaging: the .deb package now only depends on libraries and software in debian stable.

Contributors wanted!

I am looking for Android/iOS/consoles developpers to make ports on other platforms.