Newton Adventure Mod Pack 1 released!

After a year of development, the first Newton Adventure extension is out with two mods featuring new levels, traps and puzzle: Deluxe et Retro.

New content...


The Deluxe mod is a set of thrre new quests of six levels each: Bridge, Lab et Prison.

In Bridge, Newton try to cross a metallic bridge with teleporters and way blocked by wooden crates. The only way to pass through is to make them burn using rolling bombs or deflect fireballs.

Lab is the most interesting and difficult quest in this mod. Levels are labyrinths where escape is only possible using gravity change and colors: traps, barriers and entrance can be red, green or blue. Newton and the exit key can become of this color at some checkpoints. Being of the same color of one of level object allows to be invulnerable to it, make it disappear or pass through it. Being of a different color make them dangerous or impossible to cross.

In the last quest, Newton start locked in a futurist prison with black metal armored android. Accelerators lies everywhere to make sure that escaping prisonners will be projected on laser bars.

Besides this new levels, the Deluxe mod give access to real ending and bonus levels once game completed.


The Retro mod is a smaller extension, but it totally changes the graphic and game design: Newton is replaced by a light made hero, apples are replaced by hearts, pixel art background by "neon light" style . The objective is no more to find a key to exit. It's now a race against time to collect all euros in a very limited time avoiding more dangerous trap with less energy.

... available, pay what you want!

Published under the libre license CC-BY-SA, this new mods are available with a pay what you want price policy.