nanim is a protobuf based 2D animation file format optimized for games.

The project goals are to specify and promote free and opensource tools for a modern 2d animation file format:

Windows XP / Vista / 7 Download installer
Debian stable Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Download deb package
Red Hat Fedora Suse Coming soon!
Linux MacosX and other OS Download cross platform installer

Make sure java is installed on your computer.


nanimstudio is free (BSD license) cross platform (Linux, Mac, Windows) graphical tool to edit nanim files. It also support gif, apng and spritesheets.

Nanim SDK

The nanim SDK is a collection of free tools (BSD license):

  • The format specification using protobuf : using protoc or other protobuf compiler, you can generate parser for about every popular programming language.
  • json2nanim and nanim2json to convert animations from/to json metadata and png images.
  • nanimls to dump nanim file infos.
  • nanimopt, an optimizer program that use a bin packing algorithm to store the image in an opengl compliant format (minimum number of image with power of 2 dimensions).
  • gif2nanim to convert existing gif animations.
  • nanimmerge to merge multiple nanim files into one.
  • nanimrename to change animation or image names.
  • sheet2nanim to convert existing sprite sheets.
  • font2nanim to generate font textures.

Other softwares that use nanim



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